Trilogy of Picture Books by Paula Sweet Encouraging Empowerment, Fitness and Community for seniors, Their families and Caregivers

Grandpa Goes Shopping empowers a 92 year old great grand dad, by reaching to the highest shelf and lowest shelf, recognizing requested items to add to the cart, processing credit card purchases,  and navigating the aisles of infinite merchandise.

Grandpa Does Yoga is written by myself.  I taught yoga for over 20 years. The book  follows an exercise routine  given by Yoga teacher David Hennage to a great Grandad of 92 years. Grandpa enjoys his fitness regime, maintaining balance, mobility of joints, coordination and flexibility. His mind stays focused and alert stoking his appetite for living the good life.

Grandpa Takes A Walk  follows grandpa as he explores his community, observes and interacts. Grandpa reaps the benefits of a walk to the beach.

All three books can be purchased  individually via my Amazon  Author Page

I also offer the trilogy autographed on Etsy


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