Water Table


Seeing thru water

table ..fish?

Paula Sweet

This table might look like an expensive designer showroom item to you.

But to me it is vision

It is what I saw to be necessary in my NYC loft.

I had recently moved from my garden studio in Venice California and missed my fish pond. I also lacked a desk and dining table.I looked into my mind for a way to combine all three.

I had a limited budget and spent the bulk of it on the 48” glass top.  For the legs I walked over to a metal shop in SOHO hoping to find a round metal base. The guy said he had nothing but when I kept standing there dumbfounded, he remembered some old basket ball hoops he had under a scrap pile.

Artfully, he welded 4 legs and wheels onto the hoops with arms to allow for a larger water tank on top.

What to put the water in was my biggest dilemma. I had my heart set on a huge glass jar like my uptown client had to keep her firewood in.  She got hers at Tiffany’s very “reasonable.”  When I saw what she considered “reasonable”, I knew that wasn’t going to be it.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later, while wandering through the gift show in the toy section that I was drawn to and fascinated by some toys swimming in a tank.

I was delighted, until I realized what I was looking at.

You see we can look,  but it takes a while to see.

There was my table top!

The sales man was dismayed that I didn’t want to buy swimmers but agreed that I could buy a display tank from the factory at a great price.It had the hole and plug for draining. It was even better than I had imagined.

That is the process of the expensive, gorgeous, artist, designer, desk, dining table and pond.

Life is seeing.

The rest is work to bring it to fruition.

The table that you see is my vision

It is rather more than the sum of its parts, rather more than a sheet of glass, a toy display and a couple of basket ball hoops.

What you are seeing is what I focused for you to see.

Not what was really there.

This is the magic of an artist.





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  1. mark White says:

    Love this!! and your explanation and process to complete it.

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