The Beginning



Henry Miller, one of my favorite beings,  had a huge claw foot desk that he put in the middle of his living room, where he wrote everyday.  He had to wait for his books to be published, sometimes many years.

I wonder if he would have liked the idea of a keyboard and flat screen that could instantly put his words out to the world.  I feel so connected, even if no one reads this, because there is a possibility….that someone might…  it is slightly better than talking to myself!

so come one

come all

Find meeee!


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11 Responses to The Beginning

  1. E. Lewis says:

    Well, my friend. That’s a pretty formidable set of accomplishments. And…
    a colorful, tempting, and varied body of beautiful work shown in a very easily navigated site. I don’t remember…is there a “buy” option, or an order mechanism? Or is it like that, or what kind of response do you seek, besides glee on the viewer’s part? “Breathtaking.” E.L., Putney, Vermont

  2. Paula says:

    Cool Elizabeth
    You are my first exchange!!!
    Good question
    I will give it some thought .
    What would you suggest?
    And BTW
    you were here on my birthday!!
    Love your timing

  3. Walter Wittel says:

    Such a great site and so good to see your work!

    • Paula says:

      Walter thank you so much for visiting!
      It is so good to hear from you.
      i am enjoying my post card, looking for friends on the beach.

  4. J. C. Wolf says:

    Paula, OH MY!! And thank you to David and Canton wherever you are! Paula, you are now ”out there” and I love the way you have come out. Your talent is frightening…how could so much go to one single person? I look forward to seeing some of your photographs also…soon? Jayne would be so proud…is~~

  5. Paula, your talents are amazing, extraordinary, and boundless. Congratulations on everything!! What a wonderful accomplishment in getting some of your life’s work out there for the greater world to see. Oh joy!

  6. Nancy Temples says:

    Hi Paula,

    I love your new site. Congratulations for getting it up and running. You are so talented and all of your art work is just amazing. The paintings leave me speechless. I love all of the dishes, the black and gold ones are my favorite. Bravo!!!

  7. Dear Paula,

    Your website is incredible! I was just checking my ex email address when I came upon your website. Thank you, thank you for sending it to me. I have just scanned it this evening, but will come back to it when I can leisurely absorb your work. Joni would have flipped over it I know, and I am duly impressed with the variety of your accomplishments. Congratulations!

    I still love my teapot with the dangling earings. It has the place of honor in my kitchen… is everyones favorite.

  8. mark White says:

    Ciao Paula! just back from 3 weeks in Italy and Switzerland. Looks chilly out your way. Aloha, m

  9. mark White says:

    Hey Paula, where are you?

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