Trilogy of Picture Books by Paula Sweet Encouraging Empowerment, Fitness and Community for seniors, Their families and Caregivers

Grandpa Goes Shopping empowers a 92 year old great grand dad, by reaching to the highest shelf and lowest shelf, recognizing requested items to add to the cart, processing credit card purchases,  and navigating the aisles of infinite merchandise.

Grandpa Does Yoga is written by myself.  I taught yoga for over 20 years. The book  follows an exercise routine  given by Yoga teacher David Hennage to a great Grandad of 92 years. Grandpa enjoys his fitness regime, maintaining balance, mobility of joints, coordination and flexibility. His mind stays focused and alert stoking his appetite for living the good life.

Grandpa Takes A Walk  follows grandpa as he explores his community, observes and interacts. Grandpa reaps the benefits of a walk to the beach.

All three books can be purchased  individually via my Amazon  Author Page

I also offer the trilogy autographed on Etsy


Shopping COVYoga COVWalk COV

















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Sharing…Question…Nepal Earthquake 2105

I think the word share came from eating a banana while sitting next to someone on a log in the woods.  10,000 years ago the other guy looked hungry, some banana was offered..the word share began…not gift, but share.. Sharing has somehow been forgotten…Gifting is popular, but sharing has become remote.  I think it is because we don’t sit around on logs anymore.  Our friends live in houses separately and go about insulated in cars.             Those we are next to at stop lights are “strangers”.   Offering to share a banana with a guy at a stop light might cause unimaginable issues to arise.   Better to buy a gift and present it wrapped,  to someone we know personally.   When tragedy or need occurs far away, far from our log,  is it possible to share?

Sharing contains something that money or gifts do not always contain. Sharing implies giving of something that you are enjoying or that is in your possession. That means that there is caring ….affection….possibly even sacrifice.  These three words name what money cannot buy, but are also beneficial in times of need.  Humanity..the quality of being humane is made of sharing. How is it best to share with those in need, who we don’t know, and are not near?

Sharing in good times Paula Sweet

Sharing in good times by Paula Sweet

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Paula Sweet Muslin MInk

Paula Sweet “Muslin MInk”

Paula Sweet Muslin MInk

Paula Sweet “Muslin Mink”

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Ceramic Tile Installation at Santa Maria di Castello Genova

Ceramic tiles by Paula Sweet at Santa Maria di Castello Genova

Ceramic tiles by Paula Sweet at Santa Maria di Castello Genova


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Vintage full length “Muslin Mink” by Paula Sweet

Vintage "Muslin Mink" by Paula Sweet

Vintage “Muslin Mink” by Paula Sweet

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Working Columns

Ionic Column Photo by Paula Sweet

Ionic Column Photo by Paula Sweet

Highway Column Photo by Paula Sweet

Highway Column Photo by Paula Sweet


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I take the sun on my face. Paula Sweet 1981

Imagination is a component of my drawings.

Stories are created by change of scale.

Environment is key to the characters.

I Take the Sun on My Face


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Spirit in a portrait?

Can spirit be in a portrait?

Can it show through a photograph?

Can it show up on the computer screen

What‘s art got to do with it? 

An opera diva friend of mine Veronica August, made the following comment about my portrait of Raffaella Girardi

Paula       Love your drawing of Rafaella.  

I actually can get a sense of what art is, when I look at her face and your interpretation of it. 

Never saw that before. 

Never could understand that artistic mind and what it renders onto canvas.

Especially her different eyes and your ability to get it.  

And yes, it’s the spirit I see in those two eyes…one looking inwardly to the kingdom within;  the other outwardly to this physical world. 

Portrait of Raffaella Girardi

Paula Sweet Portrait of Raffaella Girardi

Thank you Veronica!!

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Obsessed with the Infinity of Uniqueness.


Starting Line

Spilled Vase

Intention is part of what makes us unique.  I am working with vines that I find on my walks in the woods. The life has gone from them, yet they remain as a precise record of that life. Intentions preserved.

Some reach high then fall low and begin to rise again.  Some rise directly upwards never faltering. Some seem to waver and wander. All have a personality, lyrical, forceful, graceful, show offs, monstrous, carefree, grandiose, enamored. I gather them as precious portraits.

One could say at quick glance that these are cute little, pretty little ornaments, but on looking closer we can see life’s struggles, fights, battles, hanging on, holding on, reaching an impediment and moving past, infinite metaphors of the truth of our existence.

I like to observe how the vines do it.   Even with the absence of psychological states there still exists the same struggle for life, to find that next rung, to lift oneself up to the sun. As well as clinging to, even strangling another vine,,,,, happens all the time.

Each vine has a different approach to finding what it needs.We can understand the motive and intent to reach the sun but can we explain the different methods used to get there? Is it just response to shadow and light? In other words chance? Some wind themselves into tight little balls, some reach out in abandon.  Is there a preference in the intention? Spirit? Desire?  Often vines find each other and concoct various ways of staying together.

My clay has intention as well. And definitely desire.  If you will notice the cracks in back of the sculptures, these are the result of the clay releasing tension. It happens at very high temperatures in the firing process. I admire these stress releasers because they are unselfconscious free gestures that I could never duplicate.  The rawness is perfection to me. For me there is no chance involved here, unpredictability yes.  I cannot predict whether and where and how the cracks will look. Yet once it has occurred we see clearly the intention. And what a relief. .  I am obsessed with the infinity of uniqueness.

See more under new work section


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Face on…………. Self portrait from the mirror vs. self portrait from photos


Strange as it may seem we see our selves the way we really are in the mirror. Everyone else sees us in reverse, including the camera. So all those printed images we see of our favorite people are backwards. Actually stars on screen are presented backwards also.   You can check this out by looking in the mirror and observing that your right eye is on the right in the mirror.  In a photo you will find your right eye on the left.

It is difficult when doing a self portrait from a photo to remember where to look for your eye. Imagine working in clay on your right eye.   You must remember that it is on the left in the photo. Imagine trying to reverse it in mid air before your fingers reach the clay. It is easier to give up and do it exactly as the photo, backwards. This is what I did for my self portrait from a photo.

I am much happier with my self portrait from a mirror as it really looks like me! It is the way I see me. To you it may not look like me, as it will be backwards for you.  We and our favorite friends see ourselves straight on in the mirror. That I believe is why we so often don’t like photographs of ourselves. Our true self is in the mirror.

One of my favorite myths is the story of narcissus which I believe is greatly misused in our culture. We are taught to think of narcissus as conceited, and that he drowned a terrible death because he refused the love of some maiden who was after him.  “Too good for her.”

The way I interpret the original version of the story is that Narcissus knew that others desired him only because he was beautiful on the outside. He wanted to be loved for all that he was so had refused their superficial attentions, incurring their wrath!.

When he wandered away to the woods excommunicated, and looked into the water he saw his reflection, his true self.   When he saw the depths of himself he felt the love he was looking for, surrendered at last and dove deep into himself (the water) and was reborn as an eternal flower the Narcissus. It is said that we can only love another after we love ourselves. This I think is what the story of narcissus is about. Narcissus still blooms in the spring showing us his lovely face, reminding us that a flower stays true to itself. A rose is a rose is a rose!!!! Thank you Gertrude!

So in fact what are others seeing when they see me reversed?

Who am I?

Both the person I see and the person others see?

Do I exist for others when they see me as something I am not?

Here are two of my sculptural versions; one from the mirror as I see myself and one done from  the camera’s vision. Other views can be seen under new work/heads.


Paula Sweet Self portrait from mirror

Paula Sweet self portrait from photo

Take your pick. I would love your comments as to preferences.




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